Insurance Survey


When a lot of cargo is declared unsuitable, a extent of damage evaluation and deterioration cause is necessary, in order to prepare a compensation claim. The damaged cargo needs to be immediately inspected, after it was discovered or when the vessel reaches its destination. In commercial business, the usual procedure is that, when the cargo is insured, and the responsibility is taken by the sender, the inspectors report is presented to the insurance company as records for compensation claim release. This inspection is usually named "Damage Survey", and the inspectors report is an important part of the claim of liability for damages.

PETCOM I.I.S. offers services for insurance companies or for owners who benefit from insurance protection, such as: - Stowed products inventory. Stowed products will be especially inspected, both quality and quantity, also existent documentation and records of products received and delivered, as per clients request 
- Pre-delivery inspection. Visual inspection of the products physical status, storage condition, packaging, mooring, seal integrity, label availability and precision. Mechanical damage or product contamination report. Transport documents for the respective lot of cargo verification. 
- Continuous supervision of maritime transport operations, verification of equipments used for storage and mooring, and also weather conditions check and their impact on goods and equipment safety;
- Damaged or contaminated cargo, handling and transport equipment verification;
- Finding the cause of cargo contamination or damage and the magnitude of the prejudice inflicted. Providing recommendations in order to minimize loss 
- Wagon and rail tanker, trucks and road tanker, barges and vessels, also stowage and handling equipment verification, in terms of cleanliness and compatibility in order to prevent damages or losses in storage, transport or loading/discharge process.
- Wagon and rail tanker, trucks and road tanker, barges and vessels, also stowage equipment and containers sealing 
- Storaged bulk products quantity determination;
- Quantity determination based on draft and displacement calculus (Draft Survey) of vessels (initial, intermediary and final draft) - Quantity determination by counting (Tally Survey) and highlighting them on lots and types;
- Quantity determination based on Ullage Survey, based on volumetric measurements of maritime and fluvial vessel�s tanks, shore tanks, wagon tanks, road tanks etc.
- Quantity determination by weighing (Re-weighing Survey) and highlighting them on lots and types;
- Visual inspection upon products condition, transport and handling facilities, of stowage installation and equipments
- Representative sampling of stowed goods or during loading / discharging in accordance with up to date international standards
- Assistance at analysis or sample analysis, in accordance with international standards and methods specified by the client
- Verification of quantity and quality inspection certificates issued by the manufacturer / loadera nd transport documents for consignments inspected;
- Photos (digital or paper), which reflects the status and condition of product and packaging;
- Detailed daily reports, which reflect the results of inspections performed;
- Detailed reporting at any time of any abnormal situations that may affect the quality or quantity of goods;
- Issue a full report following the inspection.

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